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 This is a class for those who are always tapping their toes! The class will consist of accurate tap dance technique and the opportunity to perform rather quickly. Tap dancing has been shown to stimulate brain activity, helping to improve hand eye coordination, math skills, and response time. It’s fun, lively, and teaches rhythm skills. The class uses a syllabus from Dance Master’s of America. Tap dance has had an historical impact on all dance forms. It springs from our African and Irish ancestors. Our feet are percussive instruments. Tap dance provides a good cardiovascular workout and is a great for stress releaf. Come learn some tap basics and lift your sole/soul!  Tap classes are taught for children and adults, beginners through advanced.



Jammin' Dance is a unique studio with specialty independent instructors who teach with expert skill, and with a passion for their gift of dance.  Our studio has a warm and friendly atmosphere, all dancers immediately will feel welcome when they step into the studio. Jammin' Dancers are well-known in the community performing at several community functions throughout the year.  The Zumba and fitness instructors are dedicated to their participants, and deliver fun and exciting classes!  Several instructors have dance certificates, and the Director, Kay Lenhart, is a certified dance instructor with Dance Masters of America, plus has several specialty certificates as a Zumba Fitness instructor.  For more information, please contact us by email:

Tea Parties and Birthday Parties

Creative Dance

Belly Dance 

Jewels of the North dance Troupe

Jammin' Dance and Fitness

This dance-based exercise program is sweeping the nation. It fuses hypnotic International rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of- a-kind fitness program for anyone at any age and any fitness level. Each Zumba class will use the traditional Zumba steps, with subtle dance techniques. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some international flavor and zest into the mix and you've got a Zumba party! Class is taught by several different instructors, bring their own “Flavor” to the class. No dance experience necessary!

Tap Dance

Scottish Country Dancing is the traditional ballroom dancing of Scotland. The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS), based in Edinburgh, was founded in 1923 to preserve this joyful social dance tradition. Since then Scottish Country Dancing has spread all over the world.  Scottish Country Dancing is demonstrated at Scottish Games & Gatherings and at many other fairs and events. Interested in trying Scottish Country Dancing? Come by yourself or with a friend. No partners are needed to attend classes or parties, and you need not be Scottish to enjoy the fun.

Jammin' Dance is designed to foster the love of dance by offering all inclusive classes, because everyone should have a chance to dance!   Our ALL INCLUSIVE Combo classes are for ALL ages: 2 year olds to Seniors!  Our unique class is open to ALL WALKS OF LIFE, and welcomes  EVERYONE regarless of age and skill.  We have a large open dance floor, with a ramp for wheelchairs.

The primary goal of All Inclusive Dance classes are to experience the pure joy and happiness of dance and music through creative movement. This program also has many other important benefits including overall fitness, focus, balance, self-confidence, social skills, improved coordination and rhythm.  Zumba is a brilliant form of dance!  For this particular class, the Zumba part of the class is done completely in a chair.  The dance part of the class contains several creative dance routines, and sometimes we use props and play games!  We welcome ANYONE who wants to be a part of this fun class.

Our studio offers different levels of Ballet for all ages. From baby/toddler to adult, and pointe classes. Our ballet classes teach students; tradition, grace, coordination, structure, strength, and much more.

Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz techniques. It's performed and choreographed to lyrics and emotions. Joellene has danced and continues to dance and teach for ma

Creative Dance class is a fun introductory class exploring the art of dance in a playful, stimulating and supportive environment. Children develop creativity, physical fitness, and movement intelligence, while building their classroom etiquette and interpersonal skills.  It’s fun, lively, and teaches rhythm skills.

Besides dance and tumbling, this class will include art, music, circle time, storytelling, and social time. To cultivate self-expression we will dance, sing, and play instruments to fun music. Kay Lenhart has run several preschool programs, dance classes, and gymnastics specifically for this age.

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Creative Kids

 This class is taught by Vahana, a seasoned award- winning Middle Eastern dance performer, choreographer, and troupe director of the popular local belly dance ensemble the Jewels of the North. This fun class will have you dancing the very first night. Vahana breaks down the moves into simple steps, cultural background information, and discussions of the various genres of Middle Eastern music. Anyone can do this class and have a great time! Classic belly dance is designed for any body shape and modifications can be made easily for any physical limitations.  Classes are also offered for girls and teens.  Age appropriate dance moves and routines are combined to make this a fun cultural dance experience for every girl.

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Jammin' Dance hosts Tea Parties for girls ages 3-13, with appropriate activities.  The younger girls have princess settings, with games, crafts, dancing, and much more.  The older girls are given a lesson in fine dining etiquette, using fine china.  They are also given a lesson in watlzing, and will do a craft. 

Birthday Parties

The studio is available for exclusive use for birthday parties.  An instructor will be present, and will help facilitate the party, and also teach a dance lesson as part of the package.  Prices are very reasonable!

All Inclusive Family Zumba and Creative Dance Combo Class

Ballet and Lyrical

Scottish Country Dancing for Youths - Teens

Our hip hop classes we offer have different levels, that teaches technique and choreography with current and "old skool" music. Students enjoy learning and can dance their own choreography.

We offer:  Basic Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning,
Zumba Sentao, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Jr. and Zumba Kids

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Hip Hop

Studio Location:  6090 Enterprise Drive • Suite A • Diamond Springs • CA